Selecting the Best

Typically our clients are medium-sized to large companies. They tend to be active in technologically advanced areas and are present world-wide. By working for them, successful candidates will have the opportunity to expand their skills and gain valuable experience both in German speaking countries as well as internationally.

We help potential employees during their application process by adapting documents to the required standards and assisting them in having their formal academic qualifications officially recognised. Once hired, we help them integrate into their new environment.

While relocating to and working in Germany, Austria or Switzerland is relatively straightforward for EU citizens, there are some key elements which should be considered.

The first is language skills. Many large companies in the DACH countries use English as their official language of communication. Even so, most employees will be native German-speakers and will converse in German most of the time. We thus strongly advise clients to facilitate the learning of German to their non-German speaking staff and assist successful candidates in finding ways to quickly attain good oral and writing command of the language.

Finding accommodation in large cities can be difficult and expensive. Rental prices in cities like Munich, Vienna and Zurich can be high. In rural areas though, where many of the famed “Mittelstand” are located, accommodation tends to be easier and more affordable. If needed, we will assist candidates to find adequate accommodation in urban areas.

Taxation, contributions to social benefits and medical insurance coverage differ from country to country. We provide candidates with an overview of the legal framework in the relevant country and help them with specific issues.