Selecting the Best

Strong Demand for Well Qualified Candidates

In recent years, German-speaking countries have faced a shortage of scientists, engineers and medical staff. This is mainly due to the better performance of their economies compared to their European peers and to a shortage of university graduates.

Conversely, economic turmoil in southern Europe has resulted in many well-qualified professionals looking for a better future outside their home countries.

Our objective is to map the needs of companies in German speaking countries and match them to the skills and ambitions of

  • Health professionals (doctots, health scientists, nurses)
  • IT Professionals
  • Engineers
  • Natural Scientists

We provide our services at no cost to candidates.

Intelligent Matching of Supply and Demand

Immigration from southern European to the DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) has substantially increased in recent years, but is occurring in a haphazard way. Employers often do not have the resources to fully evaluate each applicant’s foreign qualifications and work experience while many candidates are often unfamiliar with local market requirements or lack the information to approach those employers best suited to their skills and goals.

Our ambition is to be the preferred partner in the DACH countries both for employers seeking to fill permanent or temporary job vacancies with well qualified staff, and for young engineers, computer scientists and IT graduates looking for positions which correspond to their talents and ambitions.

Promoting the Attractiveness of Clients to Graduates

Many companies, especially from the “Mittelstand”, while being world leaders in their respective markets, are less known outside their specialised areas.

In order to assist them to attract the best candidates, we develop custom made solutions to increase the visibility and appeal of companies to well-qualified graduates from abroad. In addition, we help them adapt their Human Resources processes to address the need for a European-wide recruitment strategy.